Here’s What Happens to Your Body When You Eat Two Eggs a Day. I Would Have Never Believed No. 3… awesome!

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You’ll improve your eyesight

Recent research has shown that chicken eggs are rich in lutein, a chemical compound that, in addition to being found in the yolk, can also be seen in plants, algae or photosynthetic bacteria. It’s responsible for you having a lynx view. In its absence, destructive changes in the eye tissues pile up, and the eye’s vision deteriorates irreversibly, so you know.

Absorbs calcium

What do you prefer, drink a spoonful of fish oil or eat a boiled egg? No, it’s not a new challenge in the ‘cinnamon challenge’ plan. We imagine that you will choose the second option, and that’s okay because both of them help in the same way to absorb calcium. And what does that do? Mainly to strengthen your teeth and bones, so that’s nothing.

Strengthens the hair and skin

People in Pantene hair ads will eat many eggs, because vitamin B12, biotin and digestible nutritious proteins help strengthen hair and skin. Phospholipids found in chicken eggs facilitate the elimination of toxins from the liver, according to ‘Healthy, Sporty & Beautiful’.

Cardiovascular diseases and cancer

We mentioned earlier that one of the most contrary popular beliefs against eggs is the idea that their consumption is related to cardiovascular diseases. However, new research has shown that eggs deter our body’s own production of cholesterol, in addition to containing omega-3 acid that lowers triglyceride levels.

Help to lose weight
You know when someone is dieting to get like the Hulk they usually take a lot of protein. American scientists have concluded that if you combine a low calorie diet with eggs for breakfast, you will lose weight up to twice as fast. The reason is that this food will satisfy you for longer, so you will eat less at your next meal.

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