Mexican Street Corn

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6 ears of corn
3/4 cup Hellmann’s mayonnaise
3 teaspoons fresh lemon juice
‍ cup of grated Cotija cheese
‍ cup of fresh cheese Cacique Ranchero finely shredded
Chili powder
Chopped fresh coriander leaves


Peel the corn cobs and put them in salted water for 15 minutes.
Preheat a roasting pan of cast iron. Lightly grease with a brush and a little oil.
In a bowl, mix the mayonnaise with the lemon juice.
Roast the cobs for 5 minutes, turning them over to cook evenly. Let them burn a little.
Remove the cobs from the fire.
Brush the cobs with the cream of mayonnaise and lemon.
Top with Cotija cheese and fresh cheese.
Sprinkle with chili powder and fresh cilantro.

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